About Me

A little about me and my mission: 1236248_686266794195_18514320_n (2)

Let me begin with why I’m starting this. I’m starting this because I’m tired of all the incorrect information out there. I’m tired of people forcing their beliefs down my throat or thinking their way is the only way. I have a message to share – okay I have a few messages to share. I have a story to tell.   For the past year, I’ve been sitting on multiple domains and paying for webhosting that I haven’t been using. I’ve had too many excuses to just start. But, I’m done with all of that – I’m jumping in.  I tell my clients everyday that growth will only occur outside the comfort zone, so I’m taking my own advice.

When I decided to coach and train full time, I made it my personal mission to make health and fitness affordable and accessible to as many people as possible. This is one more way I hope to do that. Everyday, I aim to be the best version of myself.  This means that I’m doing everything I can to be the best coach and trainer for my clients as I encourage them to become the best versions of themselves.

I hold certifications in personal training, lifestyle and weight management coaching, run coaching, teaching, and even as a personal chef. I was a high school and collegiate athlete, and I ran competitively for a pretty long time. I’m an avid runner and fitness enthusiast. I am an entrepreneur.   I have battled an eating disorder. Scratch that. Every day, I battle my eating disorder. I’ve spent the last decade in the health/fitness/running industry. I’ve done everything from fitting shoes at a local running store to traveling the country working marathon expos and trade shows to learning how to take x-rays and triage for foot and ankle injuries. I grew up in Philadelphia, PA, went to high school in Northern Delaware (a Philadelphia suburb basically), college in Reading, PA, and spent almost 2 years after college living in Hickory, NC.  Currently, I’m a personal trainer and a running coach. I consider myself more of a “lifestyle” coach than anything else.  My clients range from age 5 to 81.  They are newbies to nationally ranked athletes. I believe in helping everyone become the best version of themselves. I have clients across the country, but many are local. I own my own business, and I teach other health and wellness professionals to do the same.

I don’t plan to make this blog about my own running goals or feats. I don’t plan to make it all about running injuries, shoes, or how to train for your first race. There’s enough of that stuff out there. This won’t be all about dieting or working out. Though from time to time, I may approach these topics. This isn’t a blog all about my recovery or a blog all about my clients’ stories. Again, it will appear.  I don’t think health can be summed up in one topic, and I certainly don’t think I or the work I do can be pinned down to one focus area.    I suspect that topics will jump around. You will find yourself connected to some posts more than others. You may be offended by some posts but inspired by others. You may find some funny, some sad, and some may you may not have any feelings about.

Welcome, my friend! Please, do not hesitate to reach out if you comments or questions.  Of course, if something speaks to you along the way, go ahead and share it.  Thank you for joining me in my journey.

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