This site is currently acting as my website and more professional blog are being built.  The following is just a brief listing of some of the services I provide.  Many of my clients are on a hybrid of programs and will use a few services at the same time. Every person is unique, so it is important to me to figure out what will work best.    Please reach out to me via email if you have any questions.

Personal Training: I personal train in the Annapolis, MD area.  My programming is not “one size” fits all, and I recommend calling or emailing to set up a consultation.  I do practice out of one local facility, but I will come to you in most situations.

5kclassRunning Programs: I coach numerous training programs throughout the year for a variety of distances.  We range from couch to 5k to the marathon.  A majority of these programs are run through Annapolis Recreation and Parks (and PiP Moyer Rec Center).  I also train many individuals, and do offer online run coaching as well.

Online Training / Weight Management Coaching: Through individual coaching and/or accountability groups, I’ve been able to work with men and women across the country to reach their health and fitness goals.  Coming March 2015, I will have the ability to write fitness programs using On Demand.  I’m PSYCHED about this extra opportunity! 1234897_686266080625_1730881372_n

Group Training and Co-Teaching: Locally, I lead numerous group fitness programs.  Most of my online clients are involved in accountability groups as well.  Many of my online groups have a nutrition element; therefore, there is a registered dietitian co-leading these groups.  I have also partnered with other professionals locally for some of my programs, and for clients who need additional support.

Fitness/Wellness Professional – Consultant: People new to the fitness and wellness industry can struggle to get started.  Even after they get started, they may hit hurdles along the way.  If someone wants to help others and is passionate about what s/he does, I am happy to help.